We invite you to join our club. There are many activities and benefits for all concerned. If you have any questions about our club, or the benefits of joining, please call our club at 519-664-2951.

If you wish to join, please print and fill out either an Individual Membership Application or a Family Membership Application and drop it off at the bar along with a cheque for membership fees.

WRG Full Membership $135. $50 initiation Fee. $25 range fee. $45 for OFAH.

WRG Ladies Membership Renewals - Regular $25, Seniors (60+) $20.

New members that wish to use the range must pay the $25/year range fee and must receive a Range Orientation.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard. Non Members are welcome to participate in many of the events. Members receive preferred fees.

By working together we do make a difference.

Yours In Conservation,

Waterloo Rod and Gun Club

Why Join Our Club?

People have been involved with the Waterloo Rod and Gun Club for over half a century. They join our club for a variety of reasons; all of them important. Some join for a combination of reasons.

  • Members get a discount on renting the MOSER and CLEMMER Halls.
  • Members get a discount on inter club league fees.


  • Now, more than ever, outdoor people of every type and interest are uniting to pursue their heritage. There is strength in numbers to deal with threats to angling, hunting, and conservation.
  • Whether its "anti" groups threatening to put an end to your pastime, or poachers stealing fish and game from everyone in society, our club can have a role and make a difference. By linking with the O.F.A.H., we stand shoulder to shoulder with 70,000 fellow members and 490 affiliated clubs. The Federation is Canada's oldest and largest conservation organization working on behalf of anglers and hunters.


    The club relies on volunteers to keep things going. Volunteering, even an hour or 2, keeps this club alive and is a great opportunity to meet other members


  • Our club is a great place to meet others who share your interest in the outdoors. It's a great way to make new friends with whom to share angling, hunting, and conservation.
  • By joining the W.R.G.C. you tap into a vast information network. You will receive a monthly bulletin, and if you are an O.F.A.H. member you will also receive a magazine called "Ontario Out of Doors".
  • Also, special information and alerts will let you know about critical events that may affect us, in time to do something about them, through the W.R.G.C. and passed on to the O.F.A.H.

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